16,777,216 ways to awesome

Be Color

Update your color and share it with the world.

Get Color

Roses are #F24B4B, violets are #60BFBF. I'm feeling #133000 and she is too!

Share Color

Discover, link, organize, blend, and inject color. Color is highly addictive.

Context Aware

What is #1F8A70? How does #1F8A70 feel, how does it taste? Blot're leaves meaning up to you.


With an astounding 16,777,216 colors, Blot're captures the entirety of human thought and emotion.

We ❤ developers

Integrate color with our REST and web socket based APIs. Let Blot're be your big brother.

Reactive Mobility

Blot're is reactively mobile first. We're so mobile first, we left the mobile up to you.

IoT Ready

Toasters, cars, pacemakers, literally everything will connect to Blot're.
It's the first IOT social network, with 2^128 potential customers.